Welcome Saint Augustine Class of 1969

Welcome St. Augustine Class of 1969 to our web site! Hope all is well with you and your families and you find this site informative as we hope to rekindle old and new friendships by providing current classmate and event information.  Note, this is a new site as of February 2011 so expect future updates.

To bring you up to date, a number of classmates formed a committee in 2010 to create a current contact list, gather e-mails and see what everyone’s been up to.  The committee went on to plan a 40th reunion in Fall 2009.  What a success it was as 45 classmates joined in for a fun filled evening at Around the Corner in Lakewood to see faces of the past, share old memories and catch up on years gone by.  We hope you were one of them; however, we know we were unable to gather everyone’s contact information.

If you’re one of our classmates that are missing in action and/or you know how to reach other missing classmates e-mail us using the “Contact Us” tab on the homepage.  Include  your  class name (include married name), mailing address, phone, e-mail and a short paragraph on what you’ve been up to since graduation – i.e  family, hobbies, work, achievements etc).  See the attached “Classmate Information” link for current updates and those missing in action.

We will remove any personal contact information from the biographies, however, if you wish to reconnect with someone, email us and we will pass the request along to your friend.


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